The Wolf Eared Hat

I have been intrigued by the wolf eared hat since I first started studying Alfred Jacob Miller’s paintings.  They most certainly are a hunter’s hat and an early form of camouflage.  I have seen many attempts at re-creating these unique hats and have even tried my hand at it.

The following links have great articles about the hats of the fur trade and delve into the construction and patterns of the hunter’s hoods aka wolf eared hats.

These hats range in style from a true wolf ear to horns and even some that Batman would envy.

However, there is one hat I’ve seen that I really don’t understand or care for.  I refer to it as the bunny eared hat.  I guess the bunny is one of the most harmless creatures on the prairie and in the mountains so the wearer should be able to sneak up on anything or anyone without raising an alarm.  I personally think the wearer looks absolutely foolish, stupid even.  But, to each his own.  If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it!!!

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