Character Traits

There are certain things that I do not or cannot understand that people do and because I don’t understand them I find them suspicious.

One of them is working when you could be retired. Our superintendent at the office could have retired with full benefits. Full pay, meaning he was working for nothing but his title and his job meant more to him than anything in life including his wife, family, children, and grandchildren. I know a guy who could have retired at the end of his contract when he was about 67, but instead he renewed his contract for another 5 years and if his health allows, I’m sure he would renew his contract 5 years after that. He says he loves his job and it’s so important to him that he can’t bear to leave it. I do not, cannot understand that and so I consider that to be very suspicious behavior.

People who don’t like dogs. Now I understand that certain conditions and restrictions of our lives and living quarters doesn’t allow everyone who loves dogs to have a dog, but to have a dislike and hatred for dogs I find to be very suspicious. And because I like dogs and live with dogs and travel with dogs, I find dog haters to be at odds with my lifestyle hence suspicious.

I believe everyone knows that there are good cops and there are bad cops. And for people to say all cops are good, we support everything the police does, especially former policemen who have been on the inside and know that there are good cops and there are bad cops, know that there are corrupt cops and corruption in the system. For them to have a blanket defense of every action of every policeman in the world, I do not understand that, therefore I consider it suspicious.

When I talk about anti-hunters and anti-gunners, I do not mean non-hunters and non-gun owners. Anti-hunters and anti-gunners affect my way of life by trying to force me to stop hunting and shooting. They want me disarmed so I am just as defenseless as they are. I can’t understand why they want to rule over me like that and so they are suspicious.

Coffee. The standard drink of society and socialisation where I come from. People who won’t drink coffee are people I can’t understand, suspicious.

Whiskey, beer, and alcohol in general are a wonderful thing. I don’t imbibe as often as I used to because of medical reasons, however, those who condemn the use of alcohol entirely are, well, suspicious.

Voting for Democrats. If you are a member of the Democrat party, (it is not and never was democratic), or vote consistently for Democrats under the guise of “Independent”, I cannot and do not understand you. Suspicious

If you watch the evening news and swallow the pablum without question, I don’t and I won’t ever understand that. You are suspicious.

If you practice political correctness, which I understand is the delusional belief that you can pick up a turd from the clean end, you are not only suspicious, but dangerous.

Critical race theory: see political correctness.

Suspicious behavior is just that, suspicious. I have to wonder what your motives are for the way you act and the stances you take. The above list includes only a few of the behaviors I find suspicious. Having one or two of these behaviors won’t automatically remove you from my circle, however as they add up, the distance between you and me will increase proportionately.

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I had an experience this past weekend where I was sitting around the campfire with a bunch of “friends”. The conversation swung around to current events and all of a sudden one of the “friends” spouted off with “you guys better be quiet because you are pissing me off.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk about the subject, but you see, he was on the other side of the subject and a couple of us were talking from a more conservative viewpoint and he has a very leftist viewpoint. And so, after he said that, he started in on his take of the event and started talking about how he would just kill everybody that was there. Shoot and shoot and shoot until they were all dead. We quickly changed the subject and went on to play nice because as the little meme says sometimes you have to shut your mouth in order to keep the peace.

Johnny Cash’s song “Oney” came on the radio a few minutes ago about how he had a boss that was constantly picking on him and breathing down his neck telling him he wasn’t doing good enough and how now that it was his retirement date, after he retired, he was going to walk in there and clobber him. I spent most of my career working between two of these f-ing “Oneys”. I am done with them, done with that kind of people, I will no longer associate with people like that. Do I think that they’re entitled to their own opinion and can differ in opinion from me? Most certainly, but they can do it from way over there. They don’t have to do it near me, and I don’t have to put up with their crap, telling me that I can’t have an opinion cuz it differs from theirs. I don’t have to put up with their crap telling me that I need to be quiet cuz, I’m making them angry. Well, when they talk about shooting everybody and killing everybody, they’re making me angry, and I got no use for that especially when the people that they plan to shoot are the people that I consider on my side of the political spectrum. And so, as the other meme says if you don’t speak out, the problem will never go away.

And I have decided that I will no longer camp, fellowship, or speak to “friend” number one who doesn’t allow me to say anything cuz it makes him angry, it pisses him off. I have no use for anybody who will not allow me to express my opinion because it’s different than theirs. That is typical liberal politically correct ideology, and I won’t do it. I won’t allow it. I will not subject myself to that kind of crap with those kinds of morons. So once again, if necessary, I am prepared to walk away. I would rather go it alone and face the challenges and adventures solo than with people that I cannot trust. Anyone who holds with political correctness and that ideology cannot be trusted to do the right thing in a time of emergency.

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…to find my soul.

This quote from John Muir is very popular today. I have always felt the truth of this statement. Recently, I finished a book by Albert Bigelow Paine titled “The Tent Dwellers” and his take on finding one’s soul in the wilderness is perfect!

I cannot state this any better than he. A person needs to look in the right place to find the things he seeks. If you are not looking for what the wilderness has to offer, you will not find it and will be frustrated in your attempt.

Albert Bigelow Paine 1861 – 1937
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A pair to Draw To…….

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Requirement #20 of the American Mountain Men

20. Must have made a study of the lifestyle of the mountain man, frontiersman or American Indian before 1840 and must submit a report of this study to the association Capitaine.

This requirement is optional for advancement to Bossloper and mandatory for the Hiveranno degree.

This is by far the most feared requirement of the Association. A paper report must be written based on your study of any facet of the life of the mountain men. This report will be submitted with your application for advancement. I would love to see these reports published in the Tomahawk & Long Rifle as well. That is strictly a volunteer proposition, but the information gleaned in one man’s study would be beneficial for all.

To advance to Bossloper, a man must complete requirements #1 & #2 plus at least 8 other requirements.

To advance to Hiveranno, a man must complete all 20 requirements. He does not have to repeat the requirements completed to attain Bossloper.

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Requirement #19 of the American Mountain Men

19. Must spend three days and two nights totally alone under primitive conditions and aux aliments du pays [“off the nourishment of the land”].

This requirement is optional for advancement to Bossloper and mandatory for the Hiveranno degree.

This seems to be one of the most feared requirements of the Association. I would recommend attempting your Aux Aliments du Pays during hunting or trapping season. Early fall can be good for gathering fruits and nuts as well. During your trip, you can possibly complete requirements 6, 9, 13, 15, & 17. Parts of requirements 2, 3, 6, 7, & 10 can be documented as well. I have heard of members doing an Aux Aliments du Pays in each season of the year and I applaud them! It is what we do! As previously stated, three days means the largest part of these days possible. “Primitive conditions” has been addressed in prior requirements.

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Requirement #18 of the American Mountain Men

18. Must have served as a Booshway for at least two activities of the AMM

This requirement is optional for advancement to Bossloper and mandatory for the Hiveranno degree.

This can be fulfilled with any activity of the AMM, from local party camps, 5-day trips, to a “National” rendezvous. To Booshway a “National” or “Territorial” event the following guidelines from the Standing Rules must be followed. For smaller events, these rules should be used as needed.

A. Duties of the Booshway and the Rendezvous Committee shall include:

  1. Location: The committee shall secure a suitable site for the rendezvous. When possible,
    it should be of historic significance to the fur trade. The National Rendezvous must be
    held in the Rocky Mountains. Permission in writing from the landowner must be
    obtained. Hosting the Nationals Rendezvous will rotate between the five Rocky Mountain
    Brigades. These Brigades are Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah/Southern Idaho, and
    Northern Idaho/Oregon/Washington/Alaska. (Amended 1999)
  2. Date: The membership must be informed when the beginning and end of the rendezvous
    is. If it is on private land, members may not arrive earlier nor stay later than the
    announced times. Rendezvous shall be considered as begun and all rules in effect when
    the first man arrives and ended when the last man leaves.
  3. Insurance: Adequate liability insurance for the event shall be obtained. Contact the Chief
    Clerk or Chief Purser and provide any information required to ensure that proper
    coverage is in place.
  4. Necessities: Sanitation facilities (outhouses, latrines), adequate for the numbers of
    people expected, shall be provided. Water for drinking and washing must be available.
    Enough firewood must be available for the duration of the event.
  5. Livestock: The site should have sufficient feed and water for any livestock that may be
    brought into camp. The water for livestock should either be of a separate source or
    downstream of camp. An area should be designated for picketing horses away from the
    main part of camp.
  6. Shooting: A safe shooting area, outside of camp, should be designated.
  7. Activities: The committee shall arrange for “Rocky Mountain Colleges” (field classes,
    lectures, and other educational activities), covering aspects of mountain man life. Other
    events, stressing education, entertainment, and skills development may also be
  8. Parking: Sufficient parking must be available. If possible, the parking area should be
    located well enough away from the site so that vehicles may not be seen or heard. If the
    distance from parking lot to camp exceeds one mile, provisions should be made (pack
    horses, carts, etc.) for assisting members in transporting their gear into camp.
  9. Guest: If a non-member is invited for the purpose of making a presentation, such as
    giving a talk or demonstration of period skills or information or research, the Rendezvous
    committee shall make all arrangements for that person. An invited speaker, if not in
    possession of appropriate period clothing, should be provided with some. This should be
    done well enough in advance so that necessary adjustments and substitutes may be
    10.Information release: The Booshway shall provide information about the rendezvous to
    the editor of publications at least 4 months in advance. This information shall include the
    following: the dates of the event, a map and written directions to the site, notification if
    water must be brought in or purified, information about livestock feed and water, the type
    of weather that may be expected, the date of the Grand Council meeting, the dates of
    any “open camp” days.
    11.Medallions: If medallions are struck for an event, they should bear at least the following:
    what the event is, i.e., Territorial, National, etc., where the event is held, and the year.
    12.Finance: In the event that funding is requested from the General Fund, a budget for the
    event shall be prepared and approved by the Chief Purser before any expenses are
    incurred. All approved costs relating to the event shall be reimbursed out of the General
    Fund. (Amended May 2005)
    13.First Aid: Consideration shall be given about how to handle medical emergencies and
    how to evacuate injured persons. Basic first aid supplies should be on-hand.
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Requirement #17 of the American Mountain Men

17. Must be able to properly skin an animal and prepare the skin for market.

This requirement is optional for advancement to Bossloper and mandatory for the Hiveranno degree.

You do not have to harvest this skin yourself to fulfill this requirement. You can use an animal given to you or even a fresh roadkill. Depending on the animal to be skinned, there are many different ways of preparing hides. For instance, a deer hide is handled differently from a mink. Being trappers in the Rocky Mountains, the target animal was beaver, however, most all marketable furs were harvested and prepped for market.

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Requirement #16 of the American Mountain Men

16. Must have at least three full years of membership in AMM.

This requirement is not applicable for advancement to Bossloper but mandatory for the Hiveranno degree.

To fulfill this requirement, one must be a member of the AMM for three years. Full membership does not begin until a Probationary member (aka Pilgrim) attains his Bossloper status.

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Requirement #15 of the American Mountain Men

15. Must have hunted for and killed at least one game or fur animal with a muzzleloading firearm or primitive bow and must have used the skin and/or meat for food, clothing and/or accoutrements. The hunt must be made from a strictly primitive camp, the hunt accomplished under primitive conditions within the limits of local game laws.

This requirement is optional for advancement to Bossloper and mandatory for the Hiveranno degree.

This requirement is easily fulfilled during your Aux Aliments du Pays. “Hunted for and killed at least one game or fur animal” this includes everything from squirrels to moose. “With a muzzleloading firearm or primitive bow” does not include traps, snares, etc. Fishing is nowhere to be seen in this requirement. “Used the skin and/or meat for food, clothing and/or accoutrements”. Make something from the hide, make a meal from the meat. “From a strictly primitive camp” means just that. If I get up from my bed at home, grab my flintlock, walk out into my woodlot, and shoot a deer, that does not fulfill this requirement. “Under primitive conditions” means no pick-up trucks, ATV’s, motorboats, radios or other communication devices. “Within the limits of local game laws.” there is the admonition again to stay within the law. For example, if you are out with your smoothbore and a duck flies by, unless you are loaded with nontoxic shot and have all the proper waterfowl stamps, killing the duck would be illegal and therefore would not count toward fulfilling this requirement.

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