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Leave-A-Trace Camping or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Brother

Recently, I read an article about Leave-No-Trace camping.  This article was pointed at members of the American Mountain Men who use horses on their various trips on Federal Land. (I will refer to these lands as Federal lands or the … Continue reading

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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing!

Human nature can be very irritating.  It seems when we learn a little something about a subject all of a sudden we become experts!  These “experts” not only will tell you what they have learned about a subject (usually without you even asking them), … Continue reading

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Has Congress Changed at all since 1830?

This is an excerpt from Edward S. Ellis’ 1884 book entitled the Life of Colonel David Crockett.  It is an interesting story about how congress works and how it has strayed from its prescribed path. LIFE OF COLONEL DAVID CROCKETT. … Continue reading

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This may be my favorite joke, ever. Kind of an insider.

I was walking in San Francisco along the Golden Gate Bridge when I saw a man about to jump off.  I tried to dissuade him from committing suicide and told him simply that God loved him.  A tear came to … Continue reading

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