Character Traits

There are certain things that I do not or cannot understand that people do and because I don’t understand them I find them suspicious.

One of them is working when you could be retired. Our superintendent at the office could have retired with full benefits. Full pay, meaning he was working for nothing but his title and his job meant more to him than anything in life including his wife, family, children, and grandchildren. I know a guy who could have retired at the end of his contract when he was about 67, but instead he renewed his contract for another 5 years and if his health allows, I’m sure he would renew his contract 5 years after that. He says he loves his job and it’s so important to him that he can’t bear to leave it. I do not, cannot understand that and so I consider that to be very suspicious behavior.

People who don’t like dogs. Now I understand that certain conditions and restrictions of our lives and living quarters doesn’t allow everyone who loves dogs to have a dog, but to have a dislike and hatred for dogs I find to be very suspicious. And because I like dogs and live with dogs and travel with dogs, I find dog haters to be at odds with my lifestyle hence suspicious.

I believe everyone knows that there are good cops and there are bad cops. And for people to say all cops are good, we support everything the police does, especially former policemen who have been on the inside and know that there are good cops and there are bad cops, know that there are corrupt cops and corruption in the system. For them to have a blanket defense of every action of every policeman in the world, I do not understand that, therefore I consider it suspicious.

When I talk about anti-hunters and anti-gunners, I do not mean non-hunters and non-gun owners. Anti-hunters and anti-gunners affect my way of life by trying to force me to stop hunting and shooting. They want me disarmed so I am just as defenseless as they are. I can’t understand why they want to rule over me like that and so they are suspicious.

Coffee. The standard drink of society and socialisation where I come from. People who won’t drink coffee are people I can’t understand, suspicious.

Whiskey, beer, and alcohol in general are a wonderful thing. I don’t imbibe as often as I used to because of medical reasons, however, those who condemn the use of alcohol entirely are, well, suspicious.

Voting for Democrats. If you are a member of the Democrat party, (it is not and never was democratic), or vote consistently for Democrats under the guise of “Independent”, I cannot and do not understand you. Suspicious

If you watch the evening news and swallow the pablum without question, I don’t and I won’t ever understand that. You are suspicious.

If you practice political correctness, which I understand is the delusional belief that you can pick up a turd from the clean end, you are not only suspicious, but dangerous.

Critical race theory: see political correctness.

Suspicious behavior is just that, suspicious. I have to wonder what your motives are for the way you act and the stances you take. The above list includes only a few of the behaviors I find suspicious. Having one or two of these behaviors won’t automatically remove you from my circle, however as they add up, the distance between you and me will increase proportionately.

About Gabe the Shootist

I am retired from public service, a trained gunsmith, pump mechanic, an old pipeliner, passable electrician, carpenter, truck driver, amateur blacksmith, proof reader, experienced hunter, shooter, reloader, avid canoeist, Renaissance man, jack of all trades, all around good guy (with the caveat: I won't be insulted, lied to or laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them.).
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  1. bigwateruav says:

    Great Post! I like the beginning!



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