…to find my soul.

This quote from John Muir is very popular today. I have always felt the truth of this statement. Recently, I finished a book by Albert Bigelow Paine titled “The Tent Dwellers” and his take on finding one’s soul in the wilderness is perfect!

I cannot state this any better than he. A person needs to look in the right place to find the things he seeks. If you are not looking for what the wilderness has to offer, you will not find it and will be frustrated in your attempt.

Albert Bigelow Paine 1861 – 1937

About Gabe the Shootist

I am retired from public service, a trained gunsmith, pump mechanic, an old pipeliner, passable electrician, carpenter, truck driver, amateur blacksmith, proof reader, experienced hunter, shooter, reloader, avid canoeist, Renaissance man, jack of all trades, all around good guy (with the caveat: I won't be insulted, lied to or laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them.).
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