2016 Deer Hunt

Aaron Griggs told me about seeing 3 bucks on the Antero Wildlife area near Antero Junction, CO.  I showed the area to Violet and asked her to watch for deer as she drove back and forth to work.  The week before opening day, she saw two bucks crossing the highway at least two different days.  October 22, 2016, I was at the SE corner of the property ½ hour before shooting time.


I left the truck about 6:45 and walked north about ¾ of a mile and took a stand near a fallen log that I could use as a backrest.  I hadn’t sat there for more than 10 minutes, when I saw a buck working his way along the old Midland railroad grade about 175 yards away.  When he disappeared into the trees, I got up and made my way across the small meadow to a large pine and took a seat beneath it.  When he came back into view he was less than 70 yards from me.  I lined up the sights of my old Winchester 1894 .32 Winchester Special behind his front shoulder and let fly with a 165 grain Hornady Flex-tip bullet.  He humped up when I hit him and turned toward me at a walk.  He came up the hill a few feet and turned away from me.  I was ready to put another shot into him but it wasn’t necessary.  He laid down and died under a small tree.


I field dressed him and made my way back to the truck.  I drove as close as I could to him and hiked back to him along the abandoned railroad grade.  I put my rope on his antlers and pulled him down the hill.  Violet came out and helped me load it in the truck.  When we got him home I washed him out and weighed him.  He dressed out at 137 lbs.  I skinned and boned the meat and put it on ice to cool.

About Gabe the Shootist

I am retired from public service, a trained gunsmith, pump mechanic, an old pipeliner, passable electrician, carpenter, truck driver, amateur blacksmith, proof reader, experienced hunter, shooter, reloader, avid canoeist, Renaissance man, jack of all trades, all around good guy (with the caveat: I won't be insulted, lied to or laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them.).
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2 Responses to 2016 Deer Hunt

  1. coyotejoe says:

    Good work Gabe and thanks for the write up!

  2. Ty Roberts says:

    Hey, Gabe,

    Baby Mercy is progressing well as we are still in the hospital. Been a bit busy…; however, I wanted to let you know that I was pleased to read about you making meat!

    Ty Roberts
    Scout Executive/CEO

    Cherokee Area Council
    520 S. Quapaw
    Bartlesville, OK 74003
    B 918.336.9170 | F 918.512.4789
    C 785.224.7951


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