2014 AMM Western Territorial

Oct 23-26, 2014, Violet & I attended the AMM Western Territorial Rendezvous at Bent’s Old Fort.  I was the auctioneer for the fundraiser.

1010486_10202379016231315_1069186145369760106_n 1069803_807232252674183_384939985854879444_n 1376368_10202379038351868_28906144211701069_n 1376485_807222172675191_7909519664368653056_n 1381597_10202926415190407_1059796474404140456_n   1477741_10202997540808503_1487785837030736002_n 1743742_10203356791704873_5185670961946314574_n 10374488_10202379057032335_2197421547492726580_n 10421144_10203095348133625_734782151054492508_n (1) DSC08187 Gabe & Violet pulling in

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