2012 Deer Hunt

Oct 20-27, 2012 Deer Camp.  I set up camp on Limestone Ridge, Co for my deer hunt.  I hunted Limestone ridge and surrounding areas from Oct 20 through Saturday Oct 27.  I like to hunt alone and so most years I hunt the area south of the Buffalo peaks solo.  I saw a nice buck on Saturday 10/20, but he wouldn’t give me a chance at him.  There are a lot of does in this area but, of course I have a buck tag.  On Wednesday, 10/24, I killed a large mule deer buck.  After I got my deer, I traded my rifle for my fusil and spent the next couple of days hunting small game.  Overall, it was a very enjoyable outing!  A little cool at times; makes me rethink some of my cold weather gear!

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3 Responses to 2012 Deer Hunt

  1. Ron says:

    Gabe…nice big muley, looks like a great result from a great hunt.

  2. Denny Leonard says:

    Way to go Gabe, Who needs all those newfangled “modern” improvements: in line muzzleloaders, Sabots and scopes? The old ways and skill give a lot of satisfaction.

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