A CPAP Machine for Historical Re-enactment

I made this flat bottomed portmanteau to carry my CPAP machine and batteries.  I have found this set-up works fairly well for me for trekking and events.

I use my CPAP machine without the humidifier.  If I’m over 8,000 feet above sea level I have to use some Oxygen so I have a small regulator and wrench.  The batteries I use are a 1270  Power Sonic.  They are 12 volts and 7 amp hours.  They last about 8 1/2 hours which gives me a fairly good nights rest.

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4 Responses to A CPAP Machine for Historical Re-enactment

  1. I was wondering where you bought your batteries and about how much they cost? Also, how do you recharge them? My husband has a CPAP and we really need to find something that we can do so he’s able to sleep all night at reenactments.

    • Ashley, I use 12 volt batteries made by Power Sonic called a PS1270 & a PS1290. They are 7 amp hour and 9 amp hour respectively. The 7 amp hour battery will give me about 8 1/2 hours use with my CPAP. I am hoping for a little more from the 9 amp hour. I usually charge them at home and bring enough for one per night. I am considering a rollable solar panel to recharge these batteries while I am on a canoe trip next fall. If I am camping for more than 4 nights, I usually use a deep cycle marine battery. I can get a weeks worth of use from one of these. The PS1270’s will run you about $25.00 and the 1290’s about $35.00. I get them from Hensley battery. I’m sure a Batteries Plus would have them as well. The plugs for the CPAP, I bought from Radio Shack and I made up the wire with some #12 stranded wire and ring ends for the marine battery and clip on ends for the Power Sonics.

      I hope this helps.

  2. babette2011 says:

    OMG, I just stumbled on this post. I have the M Series. This is GENIUS! 🙂 I still can’t bring myself to pack it out there – I gave up camping when I took up the hose. But THIS!!! This I will share FAR AND WIDE!!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Oh, and BTW, http://www.cpaptalk.com, for anyone reading this later. Great place to get the latest DIY from hoseheads who know. 🙂

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