AMM Western Territorials 2012

Recently I spent a week at the AMM Western Territorials near Canton, KS.  I had a great time meeting new brothers, shooting, camping, cooking, learning and butchering a buffalo.    We had colleges in horse packing, sign language, trekking gear for horse trekking, prairie botany and killed, gutted and skinned a buffalo.  The food was great, thanks to Missouri Jim and John Miller.  John also did a fine job on the shooting range!

We had very little moon as it was waning.  We had only one night of rain.  A tornado came close but missed us by a few miles.  I saw fewer than 10 mosquitoes the entire week.  We had some wood ticks around early in the week but as it cooled off they slowed down.  A couple of us got too close to the poison ivy/oak and have been reminded daily of our trip to Kansas.

Denny Leonard brought a Red River cart to haul stuff in and out of camp.  It worked very well, thanks Denny!

Attached are some pictures from that fine event.

About Gabe the Shootist

I am retired from public service, a trained gunsmith, pump mechanic, an old pipeliner, passable electrician, carpenter, truck driver, amateur blacksmith, proof reader, experienced hunter, shooter, reloader, avid canoeist, Renaissance man, jack of all trades, all around good guy (with the caveat: I won't be insulted, lied to or laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them.).
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2 Responses to AMM Western Territorials 2012

  1. Ron says:

    Great pics, whose the guy in the blue jeans? I will need to send you some of my pics from the Indian camp I used to go to. I’m interested in hearing about the skills process you are going through for AMM.


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