My first “Buckskins”

In 1977 I went down to the Berman Buckskin warehouse on Hennipen Ave in Minneapolis, Mn and bought some split cowhide.  I took it home and made a fringed hunting shirt and some leggings.  Here is the shirt/jacket.  Mom brought me a box of old stuff at Thanksgiving and these pictures were in the box.

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1 Response to My first “Buckskins”

  1. Scar says:

    Gabe – This brings back memories. My mother and father bought me a “Mountain Man leather goods kit and manual” from the Tandy Leather company when I was in Junior High. As with your mom, my mother found the book in her heirloom box and brought it to me last year as a surprise. What a great gift and great memories for me and to pass down to my son. I made my first Accoutrements or “Possibles” bag using the kit … wish I could find that too! Wah! Scar

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